90 Minute Coaching Power Hour


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A “Power Hour” with Tricia may be all you need.  Making a big decision?  Need clarity? Want to set up an empowering Self-Care Commitment Plan? I can help. You usually have all the answers but need a sounding board, non-judgmental support, guidance and a fresh perspective to get there.

Duration : 1 – 90 MIN Session (broken down to a 60 minute session and a 30 minute followup 2 weeks later)

PRICE: $125

In ONE 90-minute session, we can power through and work together.  You have the answers but need a sounding board and I’m here for you by offering non-judgmental support, guidance and a fresh new perspective.

Our conversation could change the way you see yourself and the way you live your life.

It’s the call that could change everything.

This 90-minute “Power Hour” with Tricia includes:

  • A Pre-Session Self-Reflecting Questionnaire to ensure our focus is clear
  • A 60-minute virtual call via ZOOM
  • A 30-minute follow up session two weeks after the initial session
  • A chat with non-judgmental support, guidance and a fresh perspective
  • A chat to help you gain direction and clarity
  • A chat to help you make some meaningful shifts on an important decision
  • Worksheets, Journal Guides, Podcast and Book Recommendations to deepen your learning and keep you inspired
  • 2 weeks of VOXER and Email Support following our conversation — for the questions that arise through your continued personal exploration

What’s Next? Upon package purchase and successful completion of your pre-coaching questionnaire, you will receive a ZOOM link and confirmation within the next 24-48 hours.


Life Coaching with Tricia’s Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is WELCOMED HERE and 100% Confidential


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