From College to Career : Transform Your Life with Your VIP Circle

Amidst the hustle of college life and the excitement of starting a new career journey, one powerful tool often overlooked is the creation of our own VIP Circle. That’s right – We actually get to decide who we surround ourselves with and who we allow into our headspace.

This circle isn’t just about having friends; it’s about curating a supportive network that reflects who you are, and who you aspire to become. Think of it as your personal cheerleading squad, a group of individuals who inspire, motivate, and believe in your dreams. Your circle can be a blend of mentors, friends, role models, accountability partners or even online influencers who share your passions and values.

Seek out women who are where you aspire to be, who prove that your dreams are not just fantasies but achievable goals. Surround yourself with those who you can learn from, push you to grow, who celebrate your victories, and who support you through your challenges. Your VIP Circle is like your personal board of directors, a handpicked group of individuals who bring out the best in you. 

However, amidst this circle of incredible people, there’s one VIP in this circle that’s non-negotiable: YOU! You are the leader of your own group, the one who decides who gets to be close to you, who gets to influence you. Picture yourself at the center of this circle, surrounded by people in your circle who are in different stages of their life. Some may be ahead of you, some behind; some may inspire you, others YOU may inspire. This circle is dynamic, evolving as you journey through different phases of life.

Within your circle, there should be a balance of those who inspire you and those you inspire. Learn from the experiences of those ahead of you in their careers, relationships and personal discovery. It’s not just about what you gain from this circle; it’s also about what you contribute. You also have experiences, insights, and wisdom that others can benefit from. So, include those whom you can teach, inspire, and uplift. It’s a two-way street of growth and support. 

Keep it Positive

Keep in mind, when you are with your VIPS, be upbeat and positive. Instead of dwelling on the past, rehashing the same old stories, or feeling down, chat about what your future self would be hyped about. Share what excites you, your dreams, travel plans, goals, and everything that lights you up.

Reflecting and Expanding

As you are moving through life, your circle will naturally expand and change, don’t be afraid to reassess your circle. You may find that some relationships no longer align with your values or aspirations and may naturally fade. That’s okay. Surround yourself with those who share your values and aspirations, and don’t hesitate to set BOUNDARIES with those who don’t. Be clear about what you will and will not tolerate in your relationships. Part of self-discovery is recognizing when your relationships no longer serve you and making space for new connections. 

If you have an area in your life where you’re feeling uninspired, that’s a time to broaden your circle. Who you are “being” is attracting your life. So that means your energy and attitude influence what comes into your life. When you carry stress, negativity, or indifference, you’re likely to attract similar energies. Adjust your approach and choices.. The world is always responding to your energy. ]While it may be uncomfortable to open up to new connections, as you mature and refine your abilities, expanding your social sphere becomes important. Your lifelong friends may not always fulfill every role as you progress.

Remember, the energy you put out into the world attracts similar energy back to you. So, show up authentically, positively, and with intention. Your VIP Circle is your tribe, your support system, and your secret weapon for success. Invest in these relationships, nurture them, and watch how they propel you towards an exciting career and confidence journey. 

Journal Questions to Ponder

  • How does your current circle of friends influence your energy and mindset? What qualities does your circle possess that uplift and motivate you? Are there any adjustments you could make to surround yourself with more positivity and encouragement?
  • Consider a relationship in your life that no longer aligns with your values or aspirations. What is keeping you in this connection? Are there steps you can take to let go and create space for new connections that better support your personal growth?
  • Imagine your ideal VIP Circle. What characteristics would the individuals in this circle possess, and how would they contribute to your well-being?


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