A Self-Care Routine Women 40-Plus Need

What is Self-Care?

Self-Care seems to be such a buzz word right now.  Walk into any bookstore and there is a whole section dedicated to it. Google the word self-care and pages and pages of articles appear.  Search #selfcare on Instagram and over 75 million posts come up.  What does self-care LOOK LIKE TO YOU? Is it a facemask? A pedicure? Therapy? Meditation? A glass of red wine? 

Self-care can be this, but it is actually so much more. Self-care is self-preservation. It is a journey to being nicer towards yourself. It is feeling connected to yourself and who you are. Self-care is nourishment of the body…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Why Women 40-plus need self-care practices and routines to keep their "cup full"

Oliver Nino, energy healer and spiritual expert, says there are 3 different types of self-care.  

1. Reactive Self-Care

This type of self-care is when you must take care of yourself because you need a break or have burnt the candle at both ends. You are overwhelmed and the stress has taken over.  This type of self-care is a temporary fix.

2. Preventive Self-Care

This type of self-care is to maintain your state of health and wellness.

3. Proactive Self-Care 

This is the best type of self-care because it creates sustainability. When you are proactive, you are refueling “your cup” BEFORE necessary.  When you are proactive, you have a consistent routine and check-in with yourself.  You are self-aware and recognize your triggers and stressors before they happen.

Why do you need more self-care in your day?

Practicing self-care is being proactive rather than reactive.  Treat self-care as a necessity for your body. Self-care can help you avoid burnout.  It can actually help you soften to other people as well. If you are feeling irritated with your kids, spouse or people at work, that is a sign that you need to take some time to replenish.

As care-givers we self-sacrifice. We are challenged today more than ever. Most of your day is spent in survival. You are putting out little fires all around you. These little fires of negativity suck energy out of you. Your kids need to see you taking care of yourself and being happy. This will bring them safety and security.

It is important to show up in your life with a full tank of gas and a full battery  You charge your phone every night, what are you doing to recharge yourself?  When you show up feeling and looking your best, you will be more confident and more beautiful inside and out. Nourish yourself to flourish. 

Why Women 40-plus need self-care practices and routines to keep their "cup full"

Incorporate a Self-Care Routine Into Your Life TODAY

Begin your self-care commitment with a vision and intentions. Ask yourself how you want to feel every day and reflect how you can get there. What do you need to look and feel your best? Make a list of small things that bring you joy.

Your self-care routine can consist of many things throughout the day. Some women have a beautiful peaceful morning ritual. Other women set aside small pockets of time throughout the day to recharge like making a warm soothing tea, journaling, going for a short walk, reading for a few minutes, saying affirmations or taking deep cleaning breaths. There are so many ways to get your needs met. Each one of us are so different so coming up with a routine and making it your own will help your self-care practice become a daily habit.

It is important to practice physical self-care, social self-care and spiritual self-care by getting your needs met in a healthy way. Watching movies and TV can be a form of self-care because it is a form of escapism.  When you are decompressing in front of the tv or your iPhone, ask yourself, “Am I surrounding myself with uplifting and empowering messages? Is this filling my cup and my spirit?  

Having a strong social support system can be part of your self-care as well. Your support system may be make up of friends, family, co-workers or neighbors. Ask yourself, do the people in your inner circle have the capacity to support you? Are they replenishing you or depleting you?

Try incorporating a self love ritual into your day every hour like a stretch, misting your face, meditating, saying an affirmation. This is burst of energy can help you power through the rest of your day.

Diet and exercise are also apart of self-care. Are you preparing healthy foods? Are you feeding yourself nourishing meals and snacks that give you fuel and energy? Are you eating with friends and family or are you eating in isolation? Sharing a meal with someone and “breaking bread” is a form of self-care that many people look forward to and enjoy.

Angela Jai Kim, beauty founder and author, shares an interesting concept connecting five minutes of skincare at night to cleaning your soul.  She says the skin and soul have a lot in common. They both need purification, detoxification, nourishment, and exfoliation. Angela says that creating a five-minute ritual of washing your face at night can be a wonderful step in your self-care routine. “Treat your skin like it is the most expensive silk on Earth.”

Angela’s Steps to Cleansing your Face and Soul Simultaneously

Wash your face with the double cleansing method. Begin with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. Take your time to slow down and smell the aromas of the products you are using. Pair this time with saying an affirmation out loud to purify the skin and soul.  For example, while washing your face you can say, “I am glowing. I am radiant. I am mesmerizing. (No matter what you look like in the moment). This is to attract like frequency. Your soul needs that time of soothing where you speak to yourself with love and kindness. Removing toxins from your skin while saying affirmations is like removing toxic thoughts.

Angela compares exfoliating the skin to letting go of the pain of the soul let go. This pain holds you back.  End this evening ritual by adding a serum in an upward motion. In the morning begin the day with the same ritual but end this ritual by adding a beauty oil to keep your skin nourished and dewy then layer a moisturizer on top. 

Having an accountability partner, like a friend, family member or life coach, will help your new habit stick and become a ritual you will look forward to.

Journal Reflection Prompts

  • What brings you joy?
  • What gives you energy?
  • What is one thing I can add to my self-care routine to take care of myself PHYSICALLY?
  • What is one thing I can add to my self-care routine to take care of myself EMOTIONALLY?
  • What is one thing I can add to my selfcare routine to take care of myself SPIRITUALLY?
  • What can I shift and how can I make permanent changes?

In conclusion, building more self-care into your daily routine is a way to show yourself self-love. The small shifts you can make to prioritize yourself and your self-care will keep “your cup” overflowing with patience, calmness and love. Your mind, body and spirit will have what it needs for this marathon called life. It is the GREATEST Gift you can give yourself.


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Oliver Nino The Spiritual Activator

If you need a Self-Care Accountability Partner, I AM HERE to support you.

Bringing a fresh loving and supportive perspective, I can help you set goals, create healthy routines, or help you become the most loving and confident woman you have always dreamed of to be.  

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